VideoGames Extreme Workshop Participation

Hello friends.


Well the last weekend I went to Santiago to participate in the VideoGames Extreme Workshop 2014 at Federico Santa María University. The game jam was about to make a videogame is 24 hours in whatever tool what you want…

It’s not the first time in this event, I alredy participated in 2012 and 2013 versions… It’s a really good experience, you can talk with people of local industry here in Chile and also some international people. You can learn a lot of stuff from them, share experiences and also show your previous games to other developers. Anyway the most important thing of this is create a videogame in 24 hours as I said before, it’s a fully productive time when imagination can fly and also make a really good game, or at least a demo for a possible future full game.

This year the thematic was “Astronomy” so then the main idea was making some space exploration videogame, where we have to travel planet by planet to take “Oxygen”, “Minerals” and “Fuel” to our ship that is lost in the middle of space. We make the minimalist version of this game and well with the team that I met we just make some basic mechanics and also a nice level.

I must give acknowledges to my team

  • Ignacio Truffello (Programming / GUI Design)
  • Juan Pablo Ahumada (Gameplay Programmer)
  • Ivan Fuentes Hagar (Director)
  • Felipe Ribba (Texture art)
  • Bastian Borje (Musician)

If you want to play the little demo where I made a Level Design, please check this link:

And if you have Occulus Rift you can enjoy it in this version:

Come Back!

Hello people.

Well now I promise more activity in this blog, I’m back in game development  after a really good rest of 6 months, after of the release of my First game Infernal Underground, even getting more coverage that I really expected on him. Infernal Underground was published in the last days of December 2014

You can download it in ModDB

Also we got some coverages from Youtubers as XxChipitoxX and xtomass




And also covered by a German game blog



I really apologize that I didn’t post that here, but now I’m back and also I will use this platform because this is my last year in my faculty (YEAH FINALLY I’LL FINISH THIS STUFF) and it means I must work in my thesis project, and yeah I have the plans to do it in videogame area… I’m not sure if I will do in a videogame itself or probably in game engine plugin or another stuff… So I’ll keep you noticed..


Thanks for read and see ya!

Making a level in 11 days using CryEngine 3 – Day 11



I must give my apologies about I didn’t posted my progress days 8,9 and 10… But I really found a little hard look for more stuff to add in my map and stuff to fix, the map is not perfect, but I learned more concept about a realistic terrain… I’m not happy for my results, I really expected make a “good one” by the first strike, but it is not possible…

I’ll practice more and more, I know I can do something about it… anyway here is a video about it:

Making a level in 11 days using CryEngine 3 – Day 6

Hello Guys


Day 6, I can say we have the 50% of this challenge done, but I’m not sure if I have more than 50% of my environment or I don’t have so much progress. The new ideas and the feedback that I received by community must be applied. I have a couple of things to do before I publish this map, and also I have the fix a lot of stuff. Anyway, I’m still making terrain modifications and also I added the last area of this environment, Checking the development process (before posting I was making some retrospective vision) I guess this environment is going in a good way, but can be better and I really want to do it so.

Anyway enjoy the screenshots

Editor 2013-09-11 21-33-45-43Editor 2013-09-11 21-33-56-83Editor 2013-09-11 21-34-02-10 Editor 2013-09-11 21-34-12-79Editor 2013-09-11 21-34-18-73Editor 2013-09-11 21-35-38-62Editor 2013-09-11 21-35-46-25