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I must give my apologies about I didn’t posted my progress days 8,9 and 10… But I really found a little hard look for more stuff to add in my map and stuff to fix, the map is not perfect, but I learned more concept about a realistic terrain… I’m not happy for my results, I really expected make a “good one” by the first strike, but it is not possible…

I’ll practice more and more, I know I can do something about it… anyway here is a video about it:



Today sorry, I have no progress of any type, today I take a rest of this challenge and I want to continue it tomorrow, Hopefully this rest will help me to get more ideas for the map and also take the time to analyze any feedback that I received.

Hello Guys


Day 6, I can say we have the 50% of this challenge done, but I’m not sure if I have more than 50% of my environment or I don’t have so much progress. The new ideas and the feedback that I received by community must be applied. I have a couple of things to do before I publish this map, and also I have the fix a lot of stuff. Anyway, I’m still making terrain modifications and also I added the last area of this environment, Checking the development process (before posting I was making some retrospective vision) I guess this environment is going in a good way, but can be better and I really want to do it so.

Anyway enjoy the screenshots

Editor 2013-09-11 21-33-45-43Editor 2013-09-11 21-33-56-83Editor 2013-09-11 21-34-02-10 Editor 2013-09-11 21-34-12-79Editor 2013-09-11 21-34-18-73Editor 2013-09-11 21-35-38-62Editor 2013-09-11 21-35-46-25

Hello fellas.

Today was a relaxed day, I had a couple of things to do at university, but I tried to make some fixes in the terrain, I really appreciate your feedback and I’m trying to make the changes that you think I must to do… Probably the screenshot (the changes was in the terrain and can’t be appreciated easily) is not good to tell the change, but the areas influenced are in out of “the playable area”. The map is an environmental map just for portfolio purposes with a little “sense” of a storyline. So after the map is finished, you can also play it and you can find a “way” on it…


day 5



I haven’t made some progress today, but I’ll try to fix the cliff rocks…. I receive some feedback about the terrain, the terrain is kinda false and I know it, anyway I’ll improve any changes I guess the days 5 or 6… anyway and the light of the environment is too dark.. I’ll fix it with probably some effects :)

Ok Hope to see you soon… Also… SCREENSHOTS :D !

GameSDK 2013-09-09 23-30-23-94GameSDK 2013-09-09 23-25-17-84GameSDK 2013-09-09 23-25-12-95GameSDK 2013-09-09 23-24-59-36GameSDK 2013-09-09 23-24-49-80GameSDK 2013-09-09 23-24-26-88GameSDK 2013-09-09 23-24-41-06

Hello, here Simon, writing some report about the 3rd day of the development process of my map, doing this challenge in the best way as possible. I received a little feedback, I really appreciate it and I’ll fix the points with some issues.

But anyway I’m here to show you the little progress of today, like sundays the workflow is kinda low, but I make some progress in detailing, adding some meshes and vegetation layers on the map, but I have a little question on here…


Editor 2013-09-08 22-33-17-22Editor 2013-09-08 22-33-03-92Editor 2013-09-08 22-32-54-38Editor 2013-09-08 22-32-41-28Editor 2013-09-08 22-32-31-53Editor 2013-09-08 22-33-39-93Editor 2013-09-08 22-34-20-09











Like you see in the images, I added the cliff rocks in the map, looks… not bad but I guess don’t look good at all, but the map looks too empty without it and with it looks kinda false…  I really need an opinion about that.

See you soon!



Well, second day. Let’s start talking about the development progress.


Today I’ve started with a map at least 90% blocked, anyway I started now with static meshes localization in the game level, using obviously blocking, Now I have more sense in my map, having a good look even without so much vegetation and a lot of detailing off. Now I have probably a “story” for this map. We have a military base in a island in the middle of the sea, the island weather is winter like, so the snow and the sky applied in the map can represent the idea that I have.

I have some screenshots about the end of my development process this day.

GameSDK 2013-09-07 19-47-32-61 GameSDK 2013-09-07 19-47-40-68 GameSDK 2013-09-07 19-47-58-91 GameSDK 2013-09-07 19-48-13-22 GameSDK 2013-09-07 19-48-29-76

Hello Guys


Well I started today with the development process of make a level using CryEngine 3 in a 11 days deadline. This is a challenge in the world of level design webpage but applied to UDK, but I decided to make it with CryEngine 3. So there is… the first day is over, now I’m ready to start tomorrow the second day applying more detailing in the level.


This day I made a lot of stuff, first of all I’ve started with a empty terrain and started to make the blocking areas using the brushes than CryEngine gives. Doing work with the terrain modifications tools I made a blocking aspects of my level using the terrain layers and terrain modification. And fortunatelly I completed it today at least in a 95% (I can’t say 100% because ever we can add even more detail in the blocking area).

Now tomorrow I’ll start with the detailing using some vegetation aspects and particles, but today I made all the goals that I wanted to do



Hello Guys

1377131828_thumbTime has passed since my last post, even I didn’t write about my participation at Global GameJam in January of this year.

Anyway, now I’m here because I’m determined in become a Level Designer, so that’s why now I started a challenge for myself. I readed in World of Level Design a little challenge to make a level in a short deadline, for to be more specific: Make a Level in 11 Days. Tha author made that challenge using Unreal Development Kit, but I decide to make the same challenge using CryEngine 3, the workflow should be the same make a level in UDK. I’ll try to upload progress day by day and getting my own conclusions. Also If someone decides to make some comment and feedback I’ll try to apply it immediately.


So now with the goal and the deadline defined… Let’s get started! ;)


Day 0 Challenge

Well guys I’m actually working on this map, Trying to make something really beautiful and well I hope you will enjoy this…

here is the video:



Also if you didn’t see the first video I can put it here for ya! :)